Need an Electrician?

Our Electrician Jobs

Practically everything in the modern home is electrical, and we are constantly adding new features. Our homes have to be capable of providing safe, consistent power to every room all at once. Given the amount of use, it’s only natural that things go wrong every now and then.

When they do, or when you want to add something new like a dimmer switch or outdoor lighting, trying to fix it or install it yourself is not worth the risk. All electricity is dangerous and any work should only ever be done by an experienced and qualified professional.

By hiring a qualified electrician from us, you can be assured they are vetted and qualified to do the required tasks in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your electricians qualified?
    All electricians on the Meta Constrauction Services platform are required to have recognised qualifications including Level 2 and 3 diplomas in electrical installations; NVQs; Achievement Measurement No.2, Domestic installer course as well as at least five years experience.
  • Will the electrician have the parts for my repair?
    Yes, Meta Construction electricians carry all common parts. If they require something more specific it may need to be obtained.
  • Why would I want a visual electrical inspection?
    A visual inspection identifies defects, damage or deterioration to your electrics so you know that everything’s in order – and can fix things if it’s not.
  • What is an electrical condition report?
    An electrical condition report is a periodic inspection of wiring in people’s home to make sure everything is safe.
  • What should I do if I’m unsure about electrical safety?
    If you’re worried about your electrics you should contact an electrician immediately.
  • How much does an electrician cost?
    The average cost of an electrician depends on the work that you require.